NXT Beef Protein Isolate 1.8kg 60 servings

320,00 د.إ

This is where NXT Nutrition’s Beef Protein Isolate steps in.

  • A superb alternative to whey protein, our Beef Protein Isolate boasts an incredible 90grams of amino-rich protein per 100grams of product – unparalleled for a protein supplement.
  • Not only is it rich in leucine, glutamine and other critical amino acids necessary for tissue building and repair, it also has rock-bottom carbohydrate and fat content ensuring you literally only are left with protein in every shake you have.
  • Coming in a delicious array of flavours, NXT Nutrition’s Beef Protein Isolate is the superior alternative to an overcrowded whey market and perfectly designed to allow you to reach your daily protein needs.
  • Quality, innovation, and fantastic taste: a revolutionary protein product for a revolutionary style of customer.
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